"Sorry Something Went Wrong" Error When Opening a Document Using Office Web Apps 2013 Within SharePoint.

Got my Test farm Created with SharePoint and Office Web apps 2013 and was so excited to experience the Functionality. Uploaded a document to library and looked in to rendering but getting an Error saying that "Sorry Something Went Wrong" which is same when click preview and open up from browser.


All went well with the installation of Web apps but tried after restarting of Servers as well just to verify and still the same. Tried with few more documents and yet the same.

Since Microsoft has stated in several documentations that this can be occurred due to lack of memory and other allocated hardware, I checked that as well but my test server was having good enough resources as well.

So what ? When I dig in to the web found that we cannot use System Account for opening or editing document via Web apps. Tried to login using another account and it was start working perfectly.


So you have to make sure on below criteria’s before you begin the Web Apps Installation

  • Verify that all SharePoint 2013 web applications use claims-based authentication. Office Web Apps rendering and editing will not work on SharePoint 2013 web applications that use classic mode authentication.
  • To enable users to edit (not just read) Office documents in a web browser, verify that you have the necessary editing licenses and that you have enabled editing on the Office Web Apps Server farm.
  • If you log into SharePoint 2013 by using the System Account, you will be unable to test the connection between SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps Server. You will have to log on by using a different account to test the connection.
  • Low memory conditions can cause Office document previews to fail in Office Web Apps. Verify that the server or servers that run Office Web Apps Server have sufficient memory by reviewing the Hardware requirements.

Note: There are more incidents that same kind of error can be occurred, refer here for more information which is well described – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff431687.aspx


6 thoughts on “"Sorry Something Went Wrong" Error When Opening a Document Using Office Web Apps 2013 Within SharePoint.

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