Properly Install SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites Offline

    This goes for SharePointers who get stuck at the point of Installing SharePoint Servers mostly in production environments which are not usually granted for internet access. And also sometimes when you try to install SharePoint prerequisites through SharePoint Installer on Windows Server 2012/R2, it doesn’t run and gives error Occurred massage. This is because some of the features that readily bundled on windows Server 2012 (IIS and .NET related) and therefore the SharePoint Prerequisites Installer skipping them and rests aren’t performed too.

    This is my scenario (With Windows Server 2012 + SQL Server 2012) and here are the steps I taken to get it done manually instead of trying prerequisites.exe.


    Not a big deal. Just few steps to complete in the proper order.

    Download All the prerequisites including Windows Server Feature Installer Script is here In my Share –!6177&authkey=!AFMPJmHtSAVbylA&


    1. Install the Windows Server Features and Roles Required is the first thing. I used a cool script from ‘Craig Lussier’ to get this done. Even through the script there are two ways that you can Install the Prerequisites, either Online (By Switching ‘O’) or offline (By Switching ‘F’) for the prompted parameter in the script when you execute it. Continue this Offline you should have your Windows Server 2012 media inserted your server.

    Run the Windows Feature Installer Script which is from "Craig Lussier" – This will install all the Windows Server features and roles required for SharePoint. – Don’t Forget to "Set-RemotePolicy RemoteSigned" before you excecute the Script.

    You need to restart the server after the this. just say yes to the script.


    2. Now Let’s Install rest of the things manually in below order:

  • Install "microsoftidentityextensions-64"
  • Install "synchronization"
  • Install "setup_msipc_x64"
  • Install "WcfDataServices"
  • Install Sqlncli (SQL Native Client)
  • FilterPack 3.0 – Install Manually from the "prereqsuiteinstallerfiles" folder inside your SharePoint Setup. the relevant version of FilterPack in always comes with the SharePoint Setup under PrerequisitesInstallerFiles Folder.
  • Copy the App Fabric RTM Setup to C:drive and run – $file = “C:\WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe” & $file /i CacheClient”,”CachingService”,”CacheAdmin /gac


  • Now Install the App Fabric Update 1 Manually (AppFabric1.1-RTM-KB2671763-x64-ENU)
  • clip_image004

    3. Open up SharePoint Installer exe and see whether it asks for any missing prerequisites. If everything went well, you will only see the "Restart Required" Massage.


    4. and Finally Restart the Server

    You Should be able to Install SharePoint without any issues now !

    Surely I will be posting another one for rest of the Windows and SQL Versions..


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