Microsoft Bookings App- Another Wonderful Add-In to Office 365 Productivity Bunch

Yesterday Microsoft Announced the availability of Bookings, the latest add-on for Office 365 portfolio. Just like the Planner app which was released early this year, Bookings will be an add-on to cater reservation needs. You may have used customized calendars or lists to cater reservation requirements before, but with Bookings, you are all set to bring your business or service up 24/7 for your customers or stakeholders.

Booking is an App which makes you convenient in terms of reserving a service. Your customer or stakeholder can simply use browser to place a booking entry for a desired service.

Improve the quality of service with Confirmations and Reminder Alerts

Everyone is busy with their own schedules every day. For an instance, you may be have set an appointment for your vehicle screening but missed it because of the sudden day-out with friends ? That’s quite normal but you need to schedule it again to another day which you don’t know the availability from vendor’s side.

For those who host the businesses, time is the most important fact and missed or no show appointments will ultimately effect cost.

Bookings App is seems born to solve this problem. With Booking App, once your customer done a reservation for a particular service, you will get a email confirmation and customer also will receive a notification to add the reservation in to their calendar.

Book from anywhere any device

Booking App is designed to work on any device with maximum convenience. As everything works on the browser

Make Customers Convenient with Canceling and Rescheduling

Overlapping of schedules happens very often for anyone. Booking App allows your customers of stakeholders to cancel or reschedule their appointments to another date or time using the link received with the email confirmation.


Keep Everyone on the same page

Booking will also allow you to save the reservation on your or your staff’s calendars by adding an entry automatically up on creation. This will make everyone aware of the particular appointment/booking. Because it’s not only your customers who forget the schedules and miss, your staff may too (well that’s happens often).



All the scheduled bookings are appeared in a very friendly and useful manner within a single frame. Responsive design makes these views are well arranged in mobile devices as well. You can switch across each items within a single page.


Booking App also provides you the capability to manage customers easily. There will be a list of customers in the Application which maintains automatically by the application whenever a new customer is doing a booking so you can simply use it to identify and manage customer base.

Booking App also has a Mobile App with all the functions embedded. Even though you are out of your office, you can easily manage the bookings and customers using your mobile which only takes few taps to get things done.


Expand as you grow

Obviously you will need multiple pages of booking as you grow with your business. Booking app doesn’t need additional license for creating more Booking Pages or addition of users, as long as your Office 365 plan eligible for Booking App you are fully armed with it.


Get Bookings App


p align=”justify”>Booking app is now rolling out to Business Premium customer, Once it rolls out, anyone with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription can access Bookings in the app launcher within the Office 365 web experience. Bookings doesn’t require your business email to be routed through Office 365, so you can keep using your current business email service with no changes.

Original Announcement with full details –

Original Announcement

Image courtesy: Microsoft


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