I will be speaking at aOS Singapore Tour 2018 on 19th May–See you there !

aOS Singapore

aOS Singapore Tour 2018 is aiming to be educational & informative. Sessions will be conducted by respected SharePoint/Office 365/Azure professionals, covering a wide variety of topics. Sessions will cover Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365, including content for IT Pros, Developers, and Business Users.

Organised by technology enthusiasts and Microsoft MVPS (Most Valuable Professional), this is an event not to be missed. aOS is one of the largest and widely spread community for Microsoft SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 across the globe. In fact, the name of this global community is came out from the first character of these three products so that its easy to remember and more relevant.

In this session, I’ll  be talking about latest improvements of OneDrive and SharePoint as Microsoft have recently boosted their productivity stack when it comes to their capabilities.

Join us for a free full-day community event and learn more about the latest technologies and functionalities from respected experts!

Register here for free – https://aossg.azurewebsites.net/ 


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