Minimum Versioning Coming Soon for SharePoint Online and OneDrive Libraries

Microsoft has come up with a new update for OneDrive and SharePoint libraries which will be rolling out from 30th September 2018 onwards. The update announced in Office 365 Message Center as MC146556. This update initially supposed to impact all customers but based on the customer pushback, Microsoft now allows you to opt it out if you choose to. However, opting out is highly discouraged as it doesn’t carry much pros but cons.

Accordingly, this article on how to configure versioning shall also be updated soon by Microsoft. Simply because if you don’t want to opt it out, you will have versioning enabled –

First and foremost, why versioning?

Of course, Autosaving and Restorations need versioning. The ability in Office applications to automatically save your changes and restoration feature of OneDrive depends on versioning.

I opt out so what?

Well, If you have no versioning enabled, you won’t be able to recover your files. Not to be forgotten, you can enabled it back anytime so you will have it all!

Steps to opt out:

You can opt out by running a simple command in PowerShell and for that you

Download the latest SharePoint shell here –

Run “Connect-SPOService -Url – <Your Admin Site Url> -credential” to connect to your Office365 admin site.


Provide the admin credentials and hit “ok”


Then run “Set-SPOTenant -EnableMinimumVersionRequirement $False”


Now check if the command has done the work. Run Get command as shown below and see if you get the result for -EnableMinimumVersionRequirements as False at the bottom of the result.



You are now not impacted by this change, However you are not eligible for the benefits it carry.



Speaking at SharePoint user group Houston USA #SPSHOU

As always, presenting to SharePoint community across the world is a priceless sensation. This time I’ll be talking about SharePoint and OneDrive for SharePoint Houston User Group (H-SPUG) people.


There are two parallel sessions organized for this event and you can find out the full details of HSPUG web site.

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