Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet in to a Modern SharePoint Page

You might have noticed that SharePoint no longer offers some of its native features. Excel Web part is one of them which was announced my Microsoft sometimes back. With that, we lost the ability to integrate an Excel sheet in to a SharePoint page using that Web part, however, worry no further because, we still can do the same without it.

With this post, we are going to find out an alternative for this struggle in SharePoint online. We now have fantastic looking, flat and neat pages in SharePoint online, thanks to Microsoft for standardizing the user experience in a better way. Editing pages and organizing items inside them in a much more content oriented manner is no longer a hard job, because there are much more out of the box features in SPO than it supposed to few years ago.

With that in mind, I will go ahead open up my SPO document library to upload my excel spreadsheet which I’m planning to embed in to the page.


After uploading the file, simply click on it to open it from the browser.


Then head on to File –> Share –> Click “Embed


Now go ahead and copy that embed code from here. There are plenty of preferences for you to customize here as well. You can choose to appear it as you want or even restrict from behaviors when users interacting with it. Dimensions will help you to adjust it right to the page as well. So do not hesitate to check them out and preview it Realtime on the window right pane.


Now let’s go back to SharePoint page which I already have (you can create  anew page and embed it there if you do not want to put it in the home page. In my case I will just embed to the Home page.

Click on “+” button to add a Webpart. You have to add the “Embed” Webpart here.


Once you choose that, you will be prompted with the following screen. nothing much to do here except pasting our embed code we copied from the Excel before. And hit “Publish” to finish it.


You now have an excel sheet nicely embedded to your Modern SharePoint page even though there is no Excel Webpart.


2 thoughts on “Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet in to a Modern SharePoint Page

  1. Reshma


    That was very useful. Thank you.

    I have the similar issue where I have embedded the document but I want this to be editable for users and save the changes. Is there any way of doing this?


  2. Oz

    Hi Manoj,
    Thanks for the useful tip.
    I noticed the embeded file is one way only, that is user can play with the data but it won’t save the info back to the file.
    Is there a way to allow it? so user can review the table and update it if he chooses to.
    If so, can I define the areas I won’t to allow him to update?
    Also, can it be flexible in a way that I’ll embed selected columns within a table and not all?
    Many thanks,

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