OneDrive Important Folder Protection

OneDrive moves ahead in a rapid pace when it comes to usability and features and it only gets better and better. The brand-new option called “Folder Protection (Protection for Important Folders)” lets you enable auto backup your local folders so that they are backed up to OneDrive online libraries and more importantly will be available across all your devices allows you to access from anywhere anytime. As a result Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders can now be backed up with latest OneDrive sync client.

Usually how OneDrive function is, you go to your online library and hit “Sync” to synchronize online folders to a device (PC or mobile) or choose the libraries or folders to sync as you sign in to OneDrive client as you set it up first time. Now with this latest option you have the ability to protect your local folders with auto sync to OneDrive.

Let’s see this in action now. You need latest OneDrive Sync Client to be able to get this. Login to your OneDrive portal and you can download it there or simply head on to your OneDrive or SharePoint document library and try to SYNC it and it will suggest you the client download right there.

Once you have the client installed, go ahead and click on the icon to start it out. Or if you already have it, simply right click on the blue cloud icon.


Click on “More” –> Settings


Head on to “Auto Save” tab and click on “Update folders”


Give it a moment



And you are all done !

When the files finish syncing to OneDrive, they’re protected and you can access them from anywhere in Documents, Desktop, or Pictures. When you protect your Desktop folder, the items on your desktop roam with you to your other PC desktops where you’re running OneDrive.

You can protect up to 5 GB of files in OneDrive for free, or up to 1 TB with an Office 365 subscription.


Common Errors:

This Message clearly says the problem we have here. I have chosen a custom location to sync my files earlier. It isn’t going to work with this function. We have to revert it back to default location as it suggest. That can be simply done by resyncing this device.


To do that, go to Settings –> Account Tab and click on “Unlink this PC”. Give it a moment.


And now you can sign in again after unlinking


Provide the Password


Let it be with the default location (C: Drive) this time and hit “Next”


Now let’s go ahead and try to enable the protection.

Change Folder Protection

If you decide to stop protecting or start protecting an important folder in OneDrive, you can update your folders in OneDrive Settings.

Important: When you stop protecting a folder, the files that were already protected by OneDrive stays in OneDrive. If you no longer need those files in OneDrive, you’ll have to to move them to a local folder on your PC by yourself. Any new files you add to that folder on your PC won’t be protected by OneDrive.

To stop protection:

  1. Open OneDrive Settings (select the white or blue cloud icon in your notification area, and then select More > Settings.)
  2. In Settings, select Auto Save > Update folders.

  3. To stop protecting a folder, select Stop protecting and then confirm that you want to stop protection in the Turn off protection dialog box.