How to Make Microsoft Teams Content Available Offline

Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming the most popular app for corporate collaboration due to the simplicity and the bunch of capabilities it offers for Office365 users. As you work with Teams, it brings an document library for content sharing which looks like it self-contained within but it’s actually relies on Office 365 Groups and Back-ended by a SharePoint Library.

When you submit a file in to a Teams channel window, that file is uploaded to a document library within the main Group.


It’s great that I can share files like everyone else in the conversation but what if I need it later ? Especially when I don’t have Internet connection on my device? Well, that happens ! To me very often.


However, not to worry anymore because synchronizing the files from Teams is similar to synchronizing your OneDrive for business or SharePoint Library content which simply means you can synchronize Teams files with OneDrive. But how ?

Let’s find out. Open up your target Team channel and hit “Files” tab. You will see the files that you have there.


Now, you will be redirected to the following screen on the browser. This is the ultimate SharePoint library (Backend) which holds all your Teams channel files. Now, hit the “Sync” button here.


You will be prompted with app switching screen. Say “Yes‘ here.


That’s it and you will receive a notification immediately saying that your library is now synching. Great !


If you open it from the Windows explorer, you will see the new folder created under your organization icon and all files are synchronized to your local device perfectly.


DISCLAIMER NOTE: This is an enthusiast post and is not sponsored by Microsoft or any other vendor.