Create a Team from an existing Office365 Group

When you have an existing O365 Group or a SharePoint site which associated with an O365 group, you have the ability to provision an associated Team too, for the same Group.

In this article we are going to explore the steps to get this done.

First thing is first, this is my modern SharePoint site which was recently provisioned and there is a Group too associated with it.


Now, let’s switch to Teams from the O365 App Launcher.


From the bottom of the page or app (you can use either Teams Web Portal or App to do this) hit “Join or create a team” link.


From the join or create page, choose the 1st option to create new team.


Go for the 2nd option on this screen and hit “Next”.


Choose the existing group which you can easily recognize by the name. for my case it’s “User Group” which is my existing Group associated with the SharePoint site. Once selected hit “choose team” to proceed.


Just a matter of few seconds, you will be immediately redirected to the newly created team interface for you to start using it.


So now you have a brand new Team space for your Group, why not explore it’s capabilities right ? Check out members space if you want to add more people there.


Settings will allow you to control major areas of the app.


And, last but not least, there are various other productivity apps associated to your brand new team space, so go ahead and enjoy.


DISCLAIMER NOTE: This is an enthusiast post and is not sponsored by Microsoft or any other vendor.