Apply your custom helpline contact details in Office 365

Adding contact details of your support center will doubtlessly help users to promptly obtain the necessary support. Office 365 allows you to customize the organizational level details in the global settings and the help desk details is one of them.


To customize the Office 365 “Help”, follow these simple steps.

Sign in to Office 365 as an Admin and direct to –> Admin Center –> In the Office 365 admin center, Click on Settings –> Organization profile


Scroll down till you see the following area and hit “Edit”


Enable the “Help Desk Card” here and “Save” it.


Now that you have enabled it, you can add the details as shown below (well, it has to be your organization’s details of course !) and hit “Save” once done.


Sometimes, it will take a few seconds this message to appear after saving so give it a moment and close the message.


Now, If you log-out and log-in again, you will notice that the change have applied under the “Help” bar.



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