A temporary alternative for message forwarding in Teams: Share to Outlook

Microsoft Teams currently doesn’t have the Forward chat option which sometimes makes it a little harder when you have to share a chat with someone else in the organization. There are valid use cases where we need to refer to a particular conversation in Teams and forward chat option would definitely be a handy add-in there. However, the new feature called “Share to Outlook” can also be used as a temporary alternative in such scenarios (not in all cases obviously).

In Teams, you now can forward a message embedded to an email. Let’s say i want to forward the following message to few people in my organization.

Annotation 2020-03-29 162651

To do this, I can simply hover to your desired conversation and click on the three dots.


And, click on “Share to Outlook” option from the dropdown list.


The send email flyout will pop up. Simply add the recipients and customize the subject or body as required and send it out.


This may not be a replacement for message forwarding but at least an temporary alternative for situations where you need it the most.