SharePoint Brunei User Group March 2015

Here comes the March 2015 Meetup !. are you ready to learn some interesting stuff on creating dashboards and developing an APP on SharePoint 2013 ? if so This is the event for you.


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Session 1: 3.00 – 3.45 pm
Snacks Break: 3.45 – 4.00 pm
Session 2: 4.00 – 4.45 pm
Q&A: 4.45 – 5.00 pm


Moments of SharePoint Brunei February 2015 Meet-Up

It was a Milestone for the SharePoint Brunei User Group. for the first time we got a remote presenter involved for the event. Usama Wahab (SharePoint MVP) Contributed with his rich presentation from Dubai (UAE) on “APPs in SharePoint”. My Topic was the Business Intelligence in SharePoint online where it will be continued with few more sessions later on. Its always great listen someone else presenting and knowing something new !

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Speaking at SharePoint Brunei February 2015 Meet-Up

SharePoint Brunei user Group (SPUG) announces the very first meet-up for the year 2015 on Friday 28th FEB 2015. Let’s Meet and talk about Business Intelligence and Multilingual sites Capabilities and how SharePoint acts with Azure Platform. Hope you have heard of these topics but let’s understand what it’s really brings to your organization and how you can leverage what you already have.

I’ll be talking about Business Intelligence Capabilities of SharePoint Online. This is the first session of the series of “Business Intelligence in SharePoint” which I will continue with few more sessions. 

Its going to be an extended event with 3 sessions this time. Usama Wahab Khan (Microsoft MVP) also joins us remotely from UAE (Dubai) to demonstrate on SharePoint in Azure.


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Schedule as follows.

Session 1 (45 minutes)
Snacks and Networking (15 Minutes)
Session 2 (45 Minutes)
Q&A (15 Minutes)

SharePoint Brunei User Group December 2014 Meet-Up Announced

Right Before the Christmas and New Year 2015, Lets Meet and have fun with some interesting SharePoint Stuff !!


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Schedule as follows.

Session 1 (45 minutes)
Snacks and Networking (15 Minutes)
Session 2 (45 Minutes)
Q&A (15 Minutes)

First Ever SharePoint User Group Forum Event in Brunei Darussalam

Broken Barriers and Kick Started the First Technical Open Community Event for SharePoint in Brunei. This was a long waited initiative which took a place on 13th AUG 2014 as the first event. We call it "SharePoint Brunei User Group (SPB)" and the site has more details –

We will make this happen once a month as a recurring event which is open for everyone to participate. focusing specifically on the Microsoft SharePoint Technology which is becomes popular day by day. each event we will pick two topics picked by the suggestions of participants and the forum panel. 

I was talking about the SharePoint 2013 Capabilities under the topic of “Flash Back to SharePoint 2013” in order to bring everyone on to the same page. it was nice to see that everyone enjoyed it and the feedback was great.

Find my Presentation at SlideShare – 

Here are some of the Snaps from the Event !

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SharePoint Brunei User Group – August 2014

I Will be Speaking There !

It’s a Great feeling that we were finally able to fix the date and Kick Start our Very First Event.

SharePoint Brunei User Group is the Very First Community Event for Microsoft SharePoint and Related Technologies in Brunei Darussalam. It will be a monthly recurring event where anyone who interested can participate. Each Day two sessions will be held which are picked by community contributors and also based on the comments of the participants too.

It’s known that SharePoint is a vast Technology with various capabilities. At each meet-up we will take two specific criteria’s to discuss in depth which will make you a proper understanding on the same.

The schedule for the August 2014 Meet-up as below.

  • Session 1 (45 minutes)
  • Snacks Time (15 Minutes)
  • Session 2 (45 Minutes)
  • Q&A (15 Minutes)


Registration is now Open and Please refer our site for more details – and register there under Event Registration to confirm your participation or simply send a mail to with your details (Name | E-Mail | Organization | Interests )

We are Very Excited to see you……

SharePoint User Group Meet up for April 2014–How to Leverage SharePoint Foundation with Available Free Tools

Another SharePoint User Group Meet up Finished successfully Yesterday At Microsoft Srilanka. my topic was “how to leverage SharePoint Foundation with Available Free tools”. May be you are interested to look at the slide here –