Create a Team from an existing Office365 Group

When you have an existing O365 Group or a SharePoint site which associated with an O365 group, you have the ability to provision an associated Team too, for the same Group.

In this article we are going to explore the steps to get this done.

First thing is first, this is my modern SharePoint site which was recently provisioned and there is a Group too associated with it.


Now, let’s switch to Teams from the O365 App Launcher.


From the bottom of the page or app (you can use either Teams Web Portal or App to do this) hit “Join or create a team” link.


From the join or create page, choose the 1st option to create new team.


Go for the 2nd option on this screen and hit “Next”.


Choose the existing group which you can easily recognize by the name. for my case it’s “User Group” which is my existing Group associated with the SharePoint site. Once selected hit “choose team” to proceed.


Just a matter of few seconds, you will be immediately redirected to the newly created team interface for you to start using it.


So now you have a brand new Team space for your Group, why not explore it’s capabilities right ? Check out members space if you want to add more people there.


Settings will allow you to control major areas of the app.


And, last but not least, there are various other productivity apps associated to your brand new team space, so go ahead and enjoy.


DISCLAIMER NOTE: This is an enthusiast post and is not sponsored by Microsoft or any other vendor.


Hide (Exclude) Content from Office Delve

Microsoft Office365 is doubtlessly a sophisticated collection of Microsoft tools which has an immense value for business. As you will store data across many of these applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.. It’s nice to have a single interface to see the spotlight of your collaboration activities and items you have been dealing with. Delve in Office365 helps us with this vital role, however, there are some scenarios people prefer to hide some content from Delve no matter how clear the approach is to them, and I believe that’s a fair requirement.


With this post we are going to learn how to hide a specific SharePoint content from Delve. There are several options as documented below.


  1. You can restrict a specific record
  2. Or restrict a library
  3. Or the entire SharePoint site from Delve

Before you start with this, it’s important to ensure whether you really need to do this. Ensure you have defined permissions in your environment appropriately so that it only allows authorized users to engage with content. Even after doing so, if you still want to restrict content appearing on Delve, there are few ways to get it done. Some of these approaches impacts on search results so do this with caution.

Option1: Restrict one or more records in a library

Note: This options wont hide content from search results, just in Delve. A hidden property in SharePoint called “HideFromDelve” can be used in this case.

Add a column to your library with the exact name (no spaces or special characters) – Add a Boolean field (“Yes/No“) and name it “HideFromDelve

For the items you wish to hide from delve, set the property value as “Yes” and “No” to those you want to be appeared.

If you wish to hide all content of a document library, set the automatically default value as “Yes


Select the particular item and go to details. Tap the button to “Yes” it.


Option2: Restrict a library

This option hides the target document library from both Delve and SharePoint search. TO do this simply head on to Document library’s advanced settings and set the “Search” to “No


Option3: Hide a site

Note: This option will hide the entire SharePoint site’s content from both Search results and Delve at one go so beware of doing this.

Head on to target SharePoint site and look for “Search and offline availability“, under “Indexing Site Content” set “Allow this site to appear in search results” to “No“. Simple as that and the whole site will be hidden from Delve thereon.


Notes: Apart from this, If you wish you hide people from showing Delve and SharePoint online people search, it can be done as well. However, there are some limitations so you better go through this post –

Again, I would like to emphasize that you should be aware of some downfalls this approach. If you have chosen to exclude some content form Delve appearance, there are other interconnected tools that may impact from this (Search is one as documented, and DLP [Data Loss Prevention] too). DLP heavily depends on the search index to apply its conditions and rules so if you are adding exclusions to a library or site from search, DLP will not be able to detect and eventually protect these content. Hence be very cautious.

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OneDrive Making a Real Comeback


Have you heard about the virtual Collab365 Global Conference 2017 that’s streaming online November 1st – 2nd?

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SharePoint Hybrid Deployment Live Demo

It was a fruitful day at Collab365 Global conference 2016 with lots of wonderful sessions from experts allover the world. It was great to address an online crown this morning and my session is now on-demand and you can watch it here


Here are some resources for those who love to explore and try Hybrid for SharePoint

Download IdFix Tool –

Download Azure AD Connect –

Planning SharePoint Hybrid Free E-Book –

Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Free E-Book –

Microsoft Flow latest updates for October 2016

The new era of workflow automation was introduced recently as Microsoft flow in Office365. I have been in the preview program and the functionality is fantastic so far.

General Availability of Microsoft Flow (You are set to go production)


Microsoft announced today about the general availability of Flow which would be within this quarter. that’s a great news and we can expect the availability of Flow in 7 different geographies. with this release, you can use Microsoft Flow for production purposes.

Flow will have several options for you to chose, Free and paid depends on your usage scenarios.

Dynamic AX Integration Support


Flow will now support Dynamics AX integration for you to perform actions such as copying data from external systems in to Dynamics AX.

More new services


Blogger and PageDuty services are now supports in Flow. Page duty is a helpdesk tool that used by support teams to dispatch service requests and it can be integrated with Microsoft Flow.

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