The Installation of the Package is Failed: SharePoint Cumulative Package Installation


This issue is encountered when you place the .Cab File and .exe file in different locations. Or if you have downloaded only the exe file. The is because the Cumulative Package is dependent on the ‘’ file and hence both the exe and the cab file need to be in the same location for the installation to complete successfully.



Locating Both Files in the same location will execute and complete the installation successfully.



May 2014 Cumulative has been Released for SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has recently announced the May 2014 Cumulative Package for SharePoint 2013 Foundation | Server under the Build No of 15.0.4605.1004 (Version No).

Download the Packages here –


  1. Before you apply the Cumulative in Production Environments, test the same in a Staging Environment thoroughly.
  2. Consider to apply this only if you are getting the mentioned issues below because it doesn’t deliver any extra benefits for you except the mentioned fixes. 


It is compulsory to have March 2013 Public Update Installed Prior to this Installation. Your farm Should have been updated with the same. Download March 2013 CU here – 

List of Issues Fixed by this package are as below:

  1. When SharePoint Server 2013 claims the provider returns no matches, the people picker still displays a suggestion from the user information list.
  2. When you create a site by using a custom site template, the composed looks list is empty.
  3. When you view the slides in picture library, pictures may not display if the file name contains complex characters such as multibyte characters.
  4. When you create a site from a saved template that contains an AlternateCSSUrl property, the AlternateHeaderUrl value is set to the AlternateCSSUrl value incorrectly.
  5. When you add a link to the reusable HTML field in a reusable content item, the link does not work as expected.
  6. You cannot send alerts to a security group instead of a user.
  7. When you try to upload a file that exists and is checked out to a SharePoint Server 2013 document library, you receive an error message that displays the logon name instead of the display name.
  8. When you use some reusable content in a variations context, the reusable content is displayed incorrectly if the labels are in certain languages.
  9. When you change the fallback language on a SharePoint Server 2013 server, you experience high CPU usage on the server.
  10. When you configure Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) with active directory as back end for a SharePoint Server farm, the "Everyone" view on the Newsfeed page displays an error.
  11. When you view a non-published page anonymously, you receive an unexpected error.
  12. When you try to import user properties from business data connectivity (BDC) and activity directory (AD) at the same time, the time zone is not updated.
  13. When you experience an error during ping checks in the health check of Office Web App Server (WAC), all future checks fail until you restart the process.
  14. When you select a Web Part on a publishing page, the ribbon context is changed incorrectly.
  15. Assume that you create a list workflow on list A that creates an item on list B. Then, you create another list workflow on list B. When you create an item on list A and start the workflow for the list, list B is not triggered as expected.
  16. When you use SharePoint Designer 2013 to deploy a workflow that contains an activity that adds an item to the workflow history, the workflow fails.
  17. When you reply to a discussion board item that is created by an anonymous user, you encounter an error if you are an anonymous user.
  18. When SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows contain one or more local variables and there is a disconnected stage, you cannot load the workflows.
  19. When you load a contact list that contains many users in SharePoint Designer 2013, it takes longer than expected.
  20. When you try to create SharePoint Server 2013 workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013, you receive the following error message:

    Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled in less than one minute.

SharePoint Farm Upgrade Fails – Configuration of SharePoint Products failed. Configuration must be performed before you use SharePoint Products

Had an issue In a Staging Environment at one of my client. I have installed August 2013 Cumulative package at SharePoint 2013 Staging Environment which is an basic single server setup. Tried several times through Configuration wizard and also PowerShell (PSConfig.exe –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait –force) but no luck, continuously getting this error.

saying – " Configuration of SharePoint Products failed.  Configuration must be performed before you use SharePoint Products.  For further details, see the diagnostic log located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\PSCDiagnostics_3_9_2011_14_18_42_272_416955813.log and the application event log. " in Both Wizard and Powershell.

Finally carried out below steps in order since it was suggested by someone on web.

  1. Run This on CMD – “ stsadm -o setproperty -pn command-line-upgrade-running -pv Yes “ (more here –


  1. IIS Reset
  2. Then Run "PSConfig.exe –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait –force"

Above steps has saved the day of lot of people out there but For me it was worst since still the same error come out. Now in to the Wizard again. This time wizard bought a trick saying that one of my Web Application has Web.Config missing in IIS root folder at inetpub. When I dig in discovered that one web application missing it’s web.config file inside. Without waiting anymore, just removed the web application from the farm as luckily it was just a testing web app (investigation to be continued on who banged of the web.config )

After Removal of the Damaged Web App (Database still remains as it is in DBS) ran the Wizard again just to check. And yes It’s gone smoothly this time.


So if you face an similar kind of a scenario just check basic stuff first step by step if your Event viewer/SharePoint Log doesn’t contains much details on the occurrence.

  1. Detach Databases from Web Applications if you have any migrated Web applications/Site Collections from any previous version of SharePoint and then run the upgrade
  2. Custom Solutions also pops out these kind of issues. Even I have faced several times
  3. And there may be damaged Web Applications in farm such as my scenario here (mostly Event viewer and SP Logs really helps)
  4. Also sometimes after installation of CU/Service pack Wizard does not just become success in first run. If you prefer Wizard, just run it once again. I would recommend Shell Command (above) for this as it’s more reliable.

August 2013 Cumulative Update Now Available for SharePoint 2013

If your SharePoint 2013 Farm is just RTM, Make sure that you have installed March PU prior to the August Update as it’s mandatory to proceed with future updates.

If you aren’t having March PU, you wont be able to proceed with any later updates and below error will pop out.

“The expected version of the product was not found on the system”


KB 2817517 – SharePoint Foundation 2013

KB 2817616 – SharePoint Server 2013

KB 2817521 – Office Web Apps Server 2013

KB 2817507 – SharePoint Designer 2013

KB 2817615 – SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server 2013

Note :

Anyway what’s the difference between PU and a CU package. Stefan Gobner has written a informative article for TechNet which I would suggest you to refer on this.

Further information, for Farm which are having Search Components and Highly available search topologies are enabled across servers refer to Kirk Stark’s Article on How to install update packages on a SharePoint farm where search component and high availability search topologies are enabled (which is well described)