Microsoft Ignite 2020 will be an online only (digital) event

In light of global health concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has decided to make Ignite (one of the most sought after tech event out there) an online only digital event.

ignite 2020

This would have both pros and cons but, looking at the way Microsoft managed the global MVP summit 2020 via Teams, this can only be a better opportunity opening doors for many of those who won’t be able to make it to USA to attend in person. You surely gonna miss that networking opportunity with a beer and good food but let’s look at the positive side. This surely will be an epic event ! fingers crossed.

You can now pre-register here –


Calling all SharePoint Admins: Have you patched your servers?

A critical vulnerability of SharePoint Server has been identified which could lead to potential hacking.


Many enterprises use Microsoft SharePoint as the prime collaboration and content management platform and there are still a significant amount of SharePoint on-premise deployments across the world. This alert for the admins who manage on-premise deployments which you better take seriously and act fast.

A critical security vulnerability identified as CVE-2019-0604 | Microsoft SharePoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability which behaves as explained by Microsoft below.

  • A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Microsoft SharePoint when the software fails to check the source markup of an application package. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could run arbitrary code in the context of the SharePoint application pool and the SharePoint server farm account.
  • Exploitation of this vulnerability requires that a user uploads a specially crafted SharePoint application package to an affected versions of SharePoint.
  • The security update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how SharePoint checks the source markup of application packages.

Critical: It is highly important that you follow the table below and update your servers accordingly. As of now, Microsoft have not identified any Mitigation facts or Workarounds for this issue, however, the list of security updates shall keep your server away from the vulnerability.

CVE-2019-0604 (Critical)

SharePoint Updates

Annotation 2019-05-12 201830

And, following links shall help you on patching servers.


Happy Birthday SharePoint (Officially an Adult !)

SharePoint, one of the most loved and widely adopted product of Microsoft turns 18 years today (March 18th 2019).


Since this historical product was officially started as SharePoint Portal Server in 2001, its now 18 years old full grown mature product which still dominates the global enterprise market as Microsoft keeps shipping undeniably innovative features very frequently.


SharePoint Portal Server 2001


SharePoint Online In 2019

This article with the entire history briefed nicely by Microsoft’s Bill Baer is so fascinating to read – 

A great bunch of new features coming soon for SharePoint Modern Experience !

SharePoint product team just revealed news about a fantastic set of modernization features which are planned to release in the 1st quarter 2019. Microsoft been aggressively improving the user experience of SharePoint, OneDrive, in fact the whole Office 365 umbrella for the past few years.

Some of these features are brand new while some are updates for legacy SharePoint capabilities. Nevertheless, each of them looks cool and would definitely great to have. The best thing everyone love about Office 365 is, there is no additional cost for any of these updates. Let’s find out what we are going to get soon.

Bulk Check In/Check Out


Microsoft previously released bulk edit for list and libraries and now with this update you will have the ability to check in/out multiple records/documents at once. Have a look at the following screenshot comes from Chris MacNulty.

Document Sets


Document sets group related documents together with shared metadata, routing and visual experiences. They’ve been available in classic mode previously, and now you can work with them in the modern experience starting March 2019 onwards.

Signal Icons


Isn’t that cool when you have a nice visual cue right next to each file as the status? Here are the new list of status signals that you will soon be able to see in your tenant. There will be more signals and the best news is its not going to just limit to SharePoint but also will be available on OneDrive, Teams, and Office Clients too. Wait no longer than February !

Column Totals


Custom views allow you to add calculated fields, such as totals or averages, to the footer of a group or the entire list. Now, totals will display in the modern view without forcing users back to the classic interface. Totals will also show in the modern web parts for lists and libraries.

Sticky Headers

SharePoint is known to have large repositories. Large lists and libraries always takes a scroll vertically and horizontally. With Sticky headers, you will have the column headers pinned at the top of the scrolling window so it helps you identify list values as you move vertically and horizontally through the view. And ! column headers will also remain in place inside the list/library web parts across any page you have added them.

Add Columns In-between Column


Soon you will be able to add a column in between another columns which cuts off the time it takes to reach the end of the column headers. Again, this will help a lot in wider lists/library views where you have lots of columns added in to. Just hover you mouse on the edge between two columns and you will immediately notice the (+) icon.

Column Drag and Drop


Guess what! You don’t have to dig in and modify the views anymore. Moving a column within a list or a library, simply drag it and drop to where you want it to be. Easier right ?

In a quick note: Microsoft always commits to deliver efficiency, reliability and usability across all products. Feel free to raise you voice if you have any idea you think worth actioning here –

Images: Microsoft (original post is here)

January 2019 Cumulative Update is now available for SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft has released a new Cumulative Update Pack (CU) for SharePoint Server 2019. This is the 3rd CU released since the product was made generally available last year. Cumulative update provides fixes and enhancements for the product which is a great benefit for any organization. However, it’s always recommended to try the update in a dedicated environment before installing them in production farms.

Important: Its mandatory to install both (Language Independent and language Dependent) packages to to fully patch a SharePoint Server environment. This is because, each SharePoint installation includes Language Dependent and Independent components.

The KB article for January 2019 CU will be available at the following Location in a couple of hours:

  • KB 4461634 – January 2019 Update for SharePoint Server 2019 (language independent) – This is also a security update!
  • KB 4461514 – January 2019 Update for SharePoint Server 2019 (language dependent)
  • KB 4461633 – January 2019 Update for Office Online Server 2019 – This is also a security update!

The download for January 2019 CU is available through the following link:

After installing the CUs you must run the SharePoint 2019 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm and restart them to effect the changes. If you prefer to run the command line version psconfig.exe you better have a look here for the appropriate options.

SharePoint 2019 January 2019 CU Build Numbers are: Your farm should show these numbers after successful application of the update, so ensure the numbers are reflected.

Language independent fix: 16.0.10340.12101
Language dependent fix: 16.0.10340.12100

Fix: SharePoint hybrid picker wizard fails to run the validation

Hybrid capability is a great addition from Microsoft since SharePoint 2013. In 2019 version, Microsoft has made sure that Hybrid area is much more robust so I was very keen to find out the latest by deploying it and wrote a book too on that (Install and Configure SharePoint 2019). However, while I was configuring the farm, suddenly got this Hybrid setup wizard error. This article talks on the resolution to this issue in case if you are facing the same.


First thing’s first, I gave it a try again by running the application as the administrator.  Guess what !, it didn’t even start so felt like its a dead end there.

Ultimately, PowerShell saved me on this one. If you have the same issue, run Windows PowerShell from your SharePoint box and execute the following line. You have to replace the folder location with yours.

& 'C:\Users\sp_farm\Desktop\Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard.appref-ms'


It should now run the prerequisites smoothly.

Download your free copy of “Installing and Configuring SharePoint Server 2019” Guide (Based on Public Preview)

Microsoft recently released the public preview of SharePoint Server 2019. SharePoint has become crucial in corporate environments, especially after the release of the latest cutting-edge functionalities in the SharePoint online. I have composed a book to cover the installation and configuration of SharePoint 2019 and it is freely available in TechNet gallery for you to download. 

Using this simple and easy to follow guidance, you will be able to get SharePoint 2019 server installed and configured in a physical or virtual environment. I have used Microsoft Azure VMs for my farm in this setup as it’s easy to provision and scale out. Azure is the most flexible way for dev/test environments and even for production for those who can’t invest massively on hardware. 

Click here to download your copy or go here –