SharePoint Designer Error: InfoPath Cannot Save the following form, document library was either renamed or deleted.

You might think how this could happen when you can simply access the library and open items inside it but just unable to publish the form via InfoPath designer. This isn’t related to library or SharePoint configurations at all.

If you are running SPD on a Server operating system, one single feature called “Desktop Experience” could be missing there and installing that will solve this for you.


Resolution: Install Desktop Experience if you are opening SPD on a Windows Server

Open up Server manager and proceed to “Add Roles and Features” wizard. Under the User Interfaces and Infrastructure category, select Desktop Experience component and proceed to install it.


Close SharePoint Designer and Open again. You should be able to publish the form without any issue now.


Sorry Something Went Wrong: SharePoint 2016 Farm Configuration Wizard Failed with timeout during services provisioning


The Error says it all, SharePoint could not provision the farm configurations within the given timeframe and it pops up the timeout. End result is, no services or applications provisioned. Below is a result from the very first application server was trying to provision my SP2016 farm on production.


You may have successfully installed prerequisites and product but this error could occur during your next step which is product configuration and service app (farm configuration) provisioning if you have a weak bandwidth for inter server communication. No matter how robust your servers are, the network could screw it all with a low bandwidth.

Try to ping across the servers and ensure you have a steady line from WFE to Intranet and Database Servers. Below sample is from one of my deployment which was failed with above error due to lack of bandwidth from APP server to Database just because the customer was having legacy network equipment and cabling (It was lower than 50 mbps given for SharePoint VLAN).



This is also can affect during Product configuration. That means the connection between your Database server to Application Server is worst, not only for SharePoint but anything rely on network connectivity will surely not perform well.


Or even hangs on 3rd stage unusually (normally this stage takes 10 min max, at my case it was more than 30 which is hilariously abnormal)


Its mandatory to have a good (at least 1gbps, 10gbps is ideal) network connectivity across all SharePoint, OWA and Workflow Manager Servers.

Hardware requirements for SharePoint 2016 –

SharePoint 2016 Beta Exam is out

IF you are an IT Professional dealing with SharePoint for more than 4 years in your day to day work this is a good chance to try Managing SharePoint 2016 Exam for free. Exam Code is 70-339, Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016. If you have experience in SharePoint product portfolio and other dependent products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS and Network Infrastructure for more than 4 years, you are ideal for this opportunity.

350 Beta seats are opened by Microsoft in first come first serve basis. You can register with the voucher code given and its only valid through 11th July 2016. Means you have to register and take the exam before that date.

The big idea behind the Beta program is to collect the feedback from the community about the exam content and elements.

To obtain the free exam, Insert the Beta Code (BETA339MCP) at the check out section and for some countries such as – India, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam. This exam will not be free.


Born to Learn Blog

Preparation Guide 

How to prepare for a beta exam without materials

SharePoint All New Intelligent Intranet: Future of SharePoint Global Event at a Glance

The SharePoint Begins and MAY THE COMMUNITY BE WITH YOU !

With the global event of Future of SharePoint by Microsoft, here I’m covering some key areas highlighted during the presentation and demo.

SharePoint 2016 is the most reliable, rock-solid release ever done by Microsoft “Seth Patton – General Manager SharePoint and OneDrive”

  • This is a Foundational release not the last server release. Born in the cloud, Delivered on-premises, Hybrid at core.
  • The Most Comprehensive, Validated, tested version of SharePoint history so far.
  • Built for continuous innovation and improvements.

The first point is a huge breath release for all SharePoint lovers across the globe for sure. Swipe your sweat and this is the biggest news on the event which means the absolute SharePoint era is just began. Finally with the mobile first cloud first strategy, Microsoft brings SharePoint in to the arena with trending capabilities with all new technological changes.

SharePoint 2016 is the most comprehensive, validated and tested version so far. bringing the power used in Office 365 in to SharePoint 2016 is a big leap in terms of performance and experience. and that seems to be very much true because my deployment proved it with the experience I had with SharePoint 2016 compare to 2013. Performance and experience wise, this is obviously the most robust and wonderful (few things yet to come though !).

Key Areas:

  • User Experience
  • Compliance and Policies
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Insights (based on graphs) end to end security and manageability
  • Comprehensive DLP and E-Discovery

SharePoint is very much core to the productivity and core to the Office 365 platform. And it is central to Office 365. This means a lot for SharePoint community indeed. It is obvious in this people and data centric era, SharePoint acts the biggest role.


It was previously the SharePoint wheel if you remember. Those features won’t die and don’t get misled with this image. This isn’t the new version of SharePoint wheel. These are the improvements were highlighted by Microsoft as bolt investments carrying out.


New Site Creation

Easy and faster site creation with the Group Integration and a brand-new UI.


New Mobile App for both SharePoint online and On-Premise will be rolled out this year. Mobile app isn’t new but an effective and nice looking mobile app was one thing missed the most for SharePoint specifically for Intranets. Ultimately you will get your Intelligent Intranet in your Pocket with these wonderful capabilities along with Office Graphs.


Activity Feed for various sites will allow you to navigate across sites and content easily than ever before.


Frequent (navigate across both On-Prem and Cloud Content effectively)


Used office graphs to Display people who often interacts with you.


And tap in to profiles simply via People Tap. See the content they are working on and even communicate straightaway.


New SharePoint Home

Finally an all New home for SharePoint. The Left navigation is there but not the traditional ways it supposed to be in any previous versions. Sites and Links are nicely displayed in the left panel while the Frequent and Suggested items are shown in the Main area with the Office Graphs Intelligence. You can create a new site right away thought the link given and even follow a site straight from the same area.


New team Sites Experience

Either on Web or Mobile, All new Team Sites experience is just looks incredible. Finally Microsoft has bought the trending user experience to pages. News and Activities are by default displayed with the power of office graph. Office graph is everywhere and it understands your work pattern and trend then brings you the most awaited experience all over the portal.

The Experience is showed in Office 365 SharePoint and it might also get in to SharePoint On-Premise in the future with the updates (well, that’s the wish!)

All in all, the new site experience is definitely a huge change in terms of design and the performance perspectives. Creation of a Page, site or a library is incredibly faster than it was so that will simply grab the user adoption and attraction.


Simple File Sharing

  1. Deep Office Integration (office, PPT and all works hard to make this integration more seamless)
  2. Rock solid Sync
  3. Intuitive browser experience
  4. Seamless collaboration
  5. 4+ star-rated mobile apps
  6. Intelligence – Power of Office Graph (helping you to be productive with)

Document Libraries Redefined


Introduced under the Unified access and intelligent Discovery, a Seamless experience given to Libraries as your experience on OneDrive. With these new Library improvements, you will get the same experience as you interact with OneDrive Interface.


Faster Uploading and Syncing with more key board Interaction commands. This Library experience will provide you full power with the consistency of OneDrive. Doesn’t matter where you are and what type of a device you use, your experience will yet remain the same.


These Capabilities are Rolling out this quarter:

  • Access to SharePoint Online document libraries and Office 365 Group files from the OneDrive mobile app.
  • Intelligent discovery of documents from both OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Copy from OneDrive to SharePoint in the OneDrive web experience.
  • OneDrive Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

And within this year (2016):

  • Document analytics surfaced in OneDrive to provide insight into document usage, reach and impact.
  • Synchronization of SharePoint Online document libraries with the new OneDrive sync client.
  • Synchronization of shared folders with the new OneDrive sync client.
  • Mobile access to SharePoint document libraries in on-premises farms.
  • Move and copy files between OneDrive and SharePoint in web experiences.

One of the most excited INSIGHTS

Community was so much exited to see the insights. There were many rumors about this capability but the ultimate idea is to provide Comprehensive Security and Compliance power to SharePoint In-Premise which is powered by Office 365. Office 365 operates with a massive commitment to security, privacy and compliance. Insights will provide you the same capabilities to have in your in-premise environment via the Hybrid Integration. All new DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features will be then available to SharePoint in-premise as same as Online.

Office 365 Currently Supports:

  • Customer Lockbox.
  • DLP, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).
  • Whitelist and blacklist domains for external sharing.

Releasing Within this quarter:

  • Dynamic conditional access policies.

Releasing End of the Year 2016:

  • New datacenters in Germany and Canada.
  • Bring your own encryption key.
  • Granular access controls.
  • SharePoint site classification.
  • Hybrid SharePoint Insights (preview).

Biggest News was for the Developers

The SharePoint Framework introduced and will be available soon. A Page and Part model based Open platform with full Client-Side development support was an incredible news for Developers indeed. This is much awaited renovation for long time and now here it comes at the right time with Mobile-First Cloud-First era. Pretty sure that developers are the most exited audience during the whole presentation.

Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps, Power BI and finally SharePoint Framework. Now we know where we have been heading from last few years by seeing this lineup isn’t it? Yes the SharePoint feels to be just began !

Microsoft planned to release these in 3rd quarter in 2016:

  • The Files API on Microsoft Graph.
  • SharePoint Webhooks (preview).
  • Client-side web parts for existing pages (preview).

And in the end of 2016:

  • The Sites API on Microsoft Graph.
  • SharePoint Webhooks (GA).
  • Custom sites on the SharePoint Framework.

What and year full surprises for SharePoint community ahead !. Stay Tuned with updates here –

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SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Options and Your Leap Towards Cloud

This is the part 1 of my Series: SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Options and Your Leap Towards Cloud

With the latest announcement of SharePoint 2016 releases in last few months, Hybrid has been the most popular word across the community and users. There are various scenarios and requirements yet Microsoft on its way of concluding this.

However, not to be surprised much because Hybrid isn’t that new ! It’s been there for 2013 as well.

First of all, What is Hybrid ?


The name says it all. Hybrid is when you have some set of SharePoint services runs On-Premise and some on cloud. This isn’t new in SharePoint as it has been already there from 2013 as well. Microsoft has made it much more broader and robust with SharePoint 2016.

Ladder towards the cloud (What’s Hybrid in SharePoint Perspective?)

Some of the organizations may not have an interest yet in going completely cloud based but to keep a foot on it with few services and that’s where SharePoint 2016 going to play a big role. SharePoint 2016 has been introduced to make that leap easier by providing better tools.

Hybrid Sites

Hybrid Sites allows you to keep some SharePoint sites on-premise and some on the cloud (Office 365 ultimately). As Regulatory Compliance is the main point blocks many organizations (Specially Government Entities) of moving to the Cloud, Hybrid Sites would be the strength to move forward.

A Simple Example: If ABC Corp has an intranet Built on SharePoint On-Premise and there are many legal and finance records stored in some of the sites in it. In this scenario Regulatory Compliances block ABC crop from moving to cloud entirely. Using Hybrid Sites capability, ABC can host selected set of Sites in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) and let the other (Legal and Finance) sites remain in On-Premise.

Hybrid Profiles

With Hybrid Profiles you don’t need to have a heavy On-Premise SharePoint Setup with User Profiles Services running on it. Instead just let the Office 365 play that role for you so that you can make your servers light weight and lesser management overhead. Having the Profile in Cloud will also a huge benefit as you will get the latest updates that Microsoft deploys to Office 365.


Having User profiles on Cloud will also benefit (Depends on the O365 Plan Mostly) users with latest features such as Planer. Planner is the latest replacement of “My Task” SharePoint feature which is now available in Office 365. This feature hits the ceiling of User adoption and productivity indeed.


With “Planner” my tasks and timeline is nicely presented and made user friendly. Isn’t this gorgeous dashboard impresses you to have your tasks over here ?


Hybrid OneDrive

Depends on your Decision to host services either On-Premise or Cloud, OneDrive can sit anywhere you want. If ABC Corp do not want to expose their user’s content to the cloud, they can keep OneDrive (MySites Ultimately) On-Premise. Or simply go for Office 365 and let it host the service so that there is no additional storage cost or management overhead for ABC Corp.


App Launcher Becomes Hybrid Ultimately

App Launcher was introduced in to SharePoint 2016 now. This was one of the attraction used in office 365 to make the navigation of Apps easier. With the configuration of Hybrid Services, you will get the App Launcher of your In-Premise SharePoint Portal modified accordingly. Each link will direct your users to relevant destinations without hassling around.


Hybrid Search What if you could get a single Unified Result set even though you have content in On-Premise Sites and SharePoint Online Sites ? That’s the whole idea of Cloud Search Service application which delivers the capability of Crawling your On-Premise and Online content centrally yet unified. The Results Highlighted are from On-Premise Content and others from Cloud (SharePoint Online). Cloud Search Service Application is a ultimate Standout here.


Lot more to write about and I will keep posting on configuration of Hybrid features soon as well. till then happy flying towards cloud folks !

SharePoint 2016 RTM Release Announced

Marking another significant milestone, Microsoft has announced SharePoint 2016 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) Yesterday. SharePoint 2016 RTM was a most awaited release for many users across the world as Previous Versions were having some issues and incomplete features such as Hybrid Integration and Insights.

I’m expecting to update my Installation guide for SharePoint 2016 Beta version within next few days and very excited to test out and write more about the latest RTM. till then, Happy SharePointing !

For More details have a look at official announcement here – 

And here are some useful links for you to get started with SharePoint 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 Deployment Guide (Technical Preview Release)

Breaking the Silence and Microsoft has Released the Next Version of SharePoint Era for Technical Audience. SharePoint 2016 Technical Preview was released and I have authored a Guide to lead you with Step by Step Installation and Configuration of SharePoint Server 2016.

Microsoft has Released SharePoint Server 2016 Technical Preview which is specifically targeting the technical audience to allow this latest version to be tested prior to its next major releases. Microsoft Marking another Milestone with their one of the largest product family ‘SharePoint Server’ with this release.

Some of the Key benefits of 2016 are:

  1. Improved Provisioning capabilities
  2. Mobile and Touch support
  3. App Launcher
  4. New and improved Controls
  5. SharePoint Insights
  6. Simple and Natural Sharing
  7. Large File Support
  8. Compliance Tools
  9. Cloud Hybrid Search
  10. Hybrid Scenarios Coverage

This Guide does not Cover SQL Server Installation

The Guide will lead you to a Multi Server Farm Deployment (Specification and Some of the Steps may Vary in next stable versions of SharePoint)

You can Download the guide in Microsoft TechNet Gallery  –