SharePoint Designer Error – InfoPath Cannot Save the following form http://Site.Domain.Local/Library the document library was either renamed or deleted.

You might think how this could happen when you can simply access the library and open items inside it but just unable to publish the form via InfoPath designer. This isn’t related to library or SharePoint configurations at all.

If you are running SPD on a Server operating system, one single feature called “Desktop Experience” could be missing there and installing that will solve this for you.


Resolution: Install Desktop Experience if you are opening SPD on a Windows Server

Open up Server manager and proceed to “Add Roles and Features” wizard. Under the User Interfaces and Infrastructure category, select Desktop Experience component and proceed to install it.



p align=”justify”>Close SharePoint Designer and Open again. You should be able to publish the form without any issue now.


SharePoint Hybrid Deployment Live Demo

It was a fruitful day at Collab365 Global conference 2016 with lots of wonderful sessions from experts allover the world. It was great to address an online crown this morning and my session is now on-demand and you can watch it here


Here are some resources for those who love to explore and try Hybrid for SharePoint

Download IdFix Tool –

Download Azure AD Connect –

Planning SharePoint Hybrid Free E-Book –

Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Free E-Book –

Microsoft Flow latest updates for October 2016

The new era of workflow automation was introduced recently as Microsoft flow in Office365. I have been in the preview program and the functionality is fantastic so far.

General Availability of Microsoft Flow (You are set to go production)


Microsoft announced today about the general availability of Flow which would be within this quarter. that’s a great news and we can expect the availability of Flow in 7 different geographies. with this release, you can use Microsoft Flow for production purposes.

Flow will have several options for you to chose, Free and paid depends on your usage scenarios.

Dynamic AX Integration Support


Flow will now support Dynamics AX integration for you to perform actions such as copying data from external systems in to Dynamics AX.

More new services


Blogger and PageDuty services are now supports in Flow. Page duty is a helpdesk tool that used by support teams to dispatch service requests and it can be integrated with Microsoft Flow.

Awarded as an Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)


On 1st October 2016 (Yesterday) I received the most delightful email on my personal mail box with a surprising message saying that “Microsoft has recognized me as an Microsoft Most Valuable Professional”.

MVP Award

I don’t think there could be another spirit for a technical person who is whiling to share his/her knowledge and expertise with others than this wonderful opportunity. Receiving this made me the way to think of doing much more community works.

My thought to others who are dreaming for MVP:

MVP is not a certification of a private degree. its a collaborative decision made by the Microsoft MVP program team together with relevant product teams based on each persons contributions done for the community for past years. It could be blogging, speaking, forums participation, Pod casts, webinars or other good ways of educating others.

Its been many years since I started doing community contributions in Srilanka and Brunei so MVP is not just a goal to be recognized and keep the prize at home, instead a journey keep doing what you have done for the community and even better.

There are many people behind this incredible achievement, My good friend Nirmal Thewarathanthri been mentoring me for past few years. not forgetting the leader who showed me the right path at the right time, Amila Hendahewa, Ojith Nishantha are still my heroes. this will lead me to do much more and learn more from fellow MVPs as well.

Thank You MVP Program team and Microsoft for this invaluable opportunity given !

Its Official and I will be speaking at Collab365 Global Conference!

It is indeed a great opportunity for me to present in the world’s largest online conference with over 5000 attendees from more than 100 countries.

Collab365 is the largest online conference with hundreds of live sessions streamed nonstop 24 hours. Join the Collab365 team on the 19th – 20th October, for great sessions of SharePoint, Azure and Office365 content by the global experts. Delivered direct to your device, wherever you are in the world, when you want it and for no cost at all.


Register yourself today at

Microsoft Bookings App- Another Wonderful Add-In to Office 365 Productivity Bunch

Yesterday Microsoft Announced the availability of Bookings, the latest add-on for Office 365 portfolio. Just like the Planner app which was released early this year, Bookings will be an add-on to cater reservation needs. You may have used customized calendars or lists to cater reservation requirements before, but with Bookings, you are all set to bring your business or service up 24/7 for your customers or stakeholders.

Booking is an App which makes you convenient in terms of reserving a service. Your customer or stakeholder can simply use browser to place a booking entry for a desired service.

Improve the quality of service with Confirmations and Reminder Alerts

Everyone is busy with their own schedules every day. For an instance, you may be have set an appointment for your vehicle screening but missed it because of the sudden day-out with friends ? That’s quite normal but you need to schedule it again to another day which you don’t know the availability from vendor’s side.

For those who host the businesses, time is the most important fact and missed or no show appointments will ultimately effect cost.

Bookings App is seems born to solve this problem. With Booking App, once your customer done a reservation for a particular service, you will get a email confirmation and customer also will receive a notification to add the reservation in to their calendar.

Book from anywhere any device

Booking App is designed to work on any device with maximum convenience. As everything works on the browser

Make Customers Convenient with Canceling and Rescheduling

Overlapping of schedules happens very often for anyone. Booking App allows your customers of stakeholders to cancel or reschedule their appointments to another date or time using the link received with the email confirmation.


Keep Everyone on the same page

Booking will also allow you to save the reservation on your or your staff’s calendars by adding an entry automatically up on creation. This will make everyone aware of the particular appointment/booking. Because it’s not only your customers who forget the schedules and miss, your staff may too (well that’s happens often).



All the scheduled bookings are appeared in a very friendly and useful manner within a single frame. Responsive design makes these views are well arranged in mobile devices as well. You can switch across each items within a single page.


Booking App also provides you the capability to manage customers easily. There will be a list of customers in the Application which maintains automatically by the application whenever a new customer is doing a booking so you can simply use it to identify and manage customer base.

Booking App also has a Mobile App with all the functions embedded. Even though you are out of your office, you can easily manage the bookings and customers using your mobile which only takes few taps to get things done.


Expand as you grow

Obviously you will need multiple pages of booking as you grow with your business. Booking app doesn’t need additional license for creating more Booking Pages or addition of users, as long as your Office 365 plan eligible for Booking App you are fully armed with it.


Get Bookings App


p align=”justify”>Booking app is now rolling out to Business Premium customer, Once it rolls out, anyone with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription can access Bookings in the app launcher within the Office 365 web experience. Bookings doesn’t require your business email to be routed through Office 365, so you can keep using your current business email service with no changes.

Original Announcement with full details –

Original Announcement

Image courtesy: Microsoft

Announcing the new Microsoft and Open Source Partner Community


It’s known for years now that Microsoft’s affair with Open source. Day by day this bound has been grown and now it’s obviously a blessed marriage. Microsoft’s one of the biggest strength is partner and technical community eco system. Unlike any other parties, Microsoft has done a lot to build the community eco system which connects every individual in the world with products and technologies in various ways.

In the other hand, Open source parties had this flaw where the community and support contribution to the product stack were very low.

Azure grown unbelievably faster unlike any other cloud service in past few years and open source migrations to the Azure has increased massively. Infect 1 in 3 VMs in Azure are Open source. This drastic growth rang the bells to Microsoft for the next button to be pressed. While open source resources are being moved to Azure, it is also a critical point to implement connectivity between open source vendors, partners and technical communities with Microsoft Partners and Technical Communities. This is a long due marriage which could have happened before but finally here we are.

At Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft and Open Source partner community on Microsoft Partner Network, the place for us to connect and collaborate with the vast and diverse ecosystem of partners who develop and distribute open source solutions and services on Microsoft Azure.

This community is open to discuss about diverse range of open technologies runs on Azure. It will allow anyone to stay tuned with updates, Share information on various criteria’s of open technologies and even to simply start a discussion on your own topic which shall be responded by the community.

Eventually, Microsoft has implemented another bridge between open source and Microsoft community across the globe. 

Original Announcement on MPN