Fix: SharePoint hybrid picker wizard fails to run the validation

Hybrid capability is a great addition from Microsoft since SharePoint 2013. In 2019 version, Microsoft has made sure that Hybrid area is much more robust so I was very keen to find out the latest by deploying it and wrote a book too on that (Install and Configure SharePoint 2019). However, while I was configuring the farm, suddenly got this Hybrid setup wizard error. This article talks on the resolution to this issue in case if you are facing the same.


First thing’s first, I gave it a try again by running the application as the administrator.  Guess what !, it didn’t even start so felt like its a dead end there.

Ultimately, PowerShell saved me on this one. If you have the same issue, run Windows PowerShell from your SharePoint box and execute the following line. You have to replace the folder location with yours.

& 'C:\Users\sp_farm\Desktop\Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard.appref-ms'


It should now run the prerequisites smoothly.


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